Zhou Yi: When Gutzwiller meets DMRG: a new paradigm for dimensionality crossover?

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Title: When Gutzwiller meets DMRG: a new paradigm for dimensionality crossover?

Speaker: Zhou Yi, 

               Institute of Physics CAS

Place: Dingtalk

Time: Oct. 29, Friday, 15:30-17:30



Two-dimensional (2D) strongly correlated electrons remains one of central topics in modern physics. In this talk, we address the issue: Whether there exists a paradigm to study 2D strongly correlated electrons, starting from its one-dimensional reduction? Indeed, it is crucial to all the numeric approaches to the thermodynamic limit through finite size systems. We will demonstrate that newly proposed microscopic-wavefunction-guided density matrix renormalization group (DMRG) is a promising method on this central topic. The potential paradigm is illustrated by two examples: (1) The benchmark on the famous Kitaev honeycomb model; (2) Unveiling a nematic spin-orbital liquid ground state on the simplest spin-orbital model on the simplest frustrated lattice.

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