Social Practice: Postgraduate Students of Zhejiang University Went to Indonesia

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On August 7th, 2018, Zhejiang University Graduate Students’ Indonesian Overseas “Putting Theory into Practice” Initiation Ceremony was held at Java’s Number 7 Power Station. Shandong Electric Power Engineering Consulting Institute Corporation’s (SDEPCI) Project Manager, Mr. Zhongming Zhao, Chief Project Engineer, Mr. Zhongzhen Zhai, and Integration Manager, Mr. Tao Li; along with Zhejiang University’s Department of Physics Vice Party Secretary, Mr. Lei Fang; Safety Inspector, Mr. Dongfeng Zhao all took part in the initiation ceremony. 

At the beginning of the ceremony, Project Manager Zhongming Zhao gave a detailed introduction about the project to the student and teacher group. Number 7 Power Station is situated in Serang City within Indonesia’s Banten province; and this project will serve as China’s first overseas exported supercritical million kilowatt unit engineering project. After completion, this project will produce Indonesia’s largest capacity single unit generating station and has received investments from the China Shenhua Energy Company and the Indonesian Power Company PJB. The project was completely designed by SDEPCI’s Power Station Department. On October 5, 2017, Indonesian President, Joko Widodo, arrived at Java’s Number 7 Power Station to attend the project’s opening ceremony. The construction of this project will bring about many benefits, including alleviating the current energy shortage in Indonesia, increasing employment opportunities, and strengthening Indonesia’s economic development. This project also represents the start of China’s Belt and Road Initiative in South East Asia.

Mr. Zhongming Zhao explained to the attendees the “5 abilities” that the construction of Java’s Number 7 Power Station will foster: academics, business, communication, specialization, and innovation. The project strives to build an international generating station that embodies Sino-Indonesian cultural characteristics, joint cooperation, and longer term prosperity, while creating an image for Chinese enterprises abroad. At the same time, Mr. Zhongming Zhao emphasized the risks and challenges that a project of this scale faces, and hopes that the graduate students of Zhejiang University will think hard and ask pertinent questions through tough challenges and synthesize knowledge gained through study. Finally, Mr. Zhongming Zhao welcomed the graduate students of Zhejiang University to come to Indonesia to train.


Mr. Lei Fang thanked the SDEPCI project for the educational support it has provided to the graduate students of Zhejiang University. He explained how Java’s Number 7 Power Station’s Overseas “Putting Theory into Practice” project will be an important step allowing Zhejiang University to fostering globally competitive and innovative managers and increasing the graduate students’ knowledge of the Belt and Road Initiative. Mr. Lei Fang also hopes that the students will treasure this great opportunity and will actively contribute “Zhejiang University knowledge” to the development of Chinese enterprises. 

During the ceremony, Shiming Li provided an important tutorial and training on safety to the students, educating them on safety concepts, safety management, safety indicators, sources of danger, disaster prevention, and emergency evacuation. Afterward, SDEPCI’s Java’s Number 7 Power Station Project Department and Zhejiang University’s Department of Physics signed the “Putting Theory into Practice” Safety Agreement, successfully ending the ceremony.

For the following month, the “Putting Theory into Practice” student group will launch its work internships and task research, including visiting top universities in Indonesia, Confucius Institutes, alumni meetings, and conferences in the Indonesian capital, Bandung. During their time abroad, we hope that the graduate student group will experience the Belt and Road Initiative while introducing China and Zhejiang University to peoples of other nations.

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